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We are a company dedicated to the manufacturing and supplying of PVC piping systems. We are well known to adapt to the demands of our customers, it is almost a Taylor made process. We are established in over 30 countries and our products range is from 230mm to 3000mm diameter for gravity pipes or low pressure. We have an innovative and low cost international supply system, consisting of sending manufacturing machinery on site, allowing us to tap every corner of the world. Our main competitive advantage is a  price-level pipe and a low cost installation. The scope of the systems we manufacture is very broad, ranging from the drain water containment (emissaries - tanks storm) to drain. We also include al types of wells, connections, elbows…) that can be altered as customer demand within their extensive range.

With 30 years of market experience, we know that the success of our products and systems are based on:

  • A detailed study of hydraulic engineering works
  • A wide range of quality products that are very light and easy to install
  • Technical assistance
  • The investment and development of new products
  • The quality controls to ensure the prerequisites in achieving our ultimate goal: customer satisfaction

We have the best technical professionals right from initial consultation on projects to technical assistance in product assembly on the job site.


We set up our  company believes on, invest, innovate, and providing solutions developed in Spain; today we are a profitable company with self-developed ability and projection.that  today is present in over 20 countries.

Our  first steps were in The 80s  introducing Rib Loc pipe in Spain. The Original technique  used variable diameter conformer, creating bottlenecks for production speed in certain projects and not and standard production. In 1990 the production facility moved to a new location in Chiloeches (Guadalajara) and this milestone marks the launch of the Company. In 1993 he developed the first in a new generation called "fixed head conformer".

Compared to their predecessors, these new machines meant a jump in tube quality and an increase in production. The number of new machines of this type was increasing rapidly to reach the mid-90s to cover the entire producción.1994 was born collector pipe for water partial perforation after a very intensive development process. The acceptance by the market of this series spurred the improvement of the manufacturing process and its rapid spread to all diameters. At present this series of partial drainage, which offers a bore 90, 120, 180 and 240 degrees, is one of our flagship products.

The year 2002 heralded the arrival of what was to be the most popular series and really exceptional Rib Loc: CONCRETLOC and SANEALOC. Such has been the success of this series, which record space of less than two years passed from one to six production lines. This success CONCRETLOC series and SANEALOC binding is due to the advantages of the PVC pipe and steel mechanical superiority. The result of this union is a single tube that changes the excellent hydraulic characteristics, chemical resistance and low weight of PVC, with ongoing high stiffness, strength and toughness of the steel. It is also the single tube on the market, being plastic, is the long term mechanical properties of the steel characteristics.

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