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One of the great competitive advantages of helical pipe system to be marketed in time for projects outside the Iberian Peninsula, is the ability to produce the pipe in-situ, ie in the same country or area where the project run. This advantage allows us to reduce the total cost of the pipe made of about 30% (this value depends on the distance, the higher path, further reducing costs), for the Impairment of transport costs. The implementation of the system does not present major difficulties, it sends the manufacturing machinery and raw materials as PVC and steel profiles.

As you know our tubing is manufactured from PVC and steel profiles that form the helical pipe by cured male-female unions.

Through this system are present mainly in Africa and its importance cite the projects in Angola, where we highlight:

Luanda via Express developed by Andrade Gutierrez-Zagope, where they have installed more than 30 km. different pipe diameters Rib Loc.

Project CVNEX of Odebrecht in Angola with more than 150 km of roads.

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