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Series Rib Loc plus Concrete
Series Rib Loc plus Concrete  II


Concrete RIBLOC system has been developed to solve problems in special projects such as installations subject to severe mechanical stresses (loads caused by air or rail traffic, and deep ditches) or to ensure stability even in situations with low land bearing capacity.

Considering the hydraulic and chemical advantages of PVC pipe with mechanical protection of concrete, the piping system RIB LOC concrete can be used in any type of installation of water and free surface, since you can design the most suitable type of concrete each situation (in mass concrete, additives, etc ...).

The Rib Loc pipe system concreted includes all types of wells, connections, projections, elbows, etc ..., which are needed for reasons of work, made in any of the diameters of its range. The lightness of the pieces, the ease and simplicity of assembly and installation, make this solution a winning choice. Its applications include:

  • sanitation networks and emissaries.
  • stormwater drainage.
  • Channelling of rivers and canals.
  • Containment of tributaries.
  • Hydraulic steps.
  • Sewage.
  • Ventilation of tunnels and buildings.

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